Democratic Candidate for Governor of Florida

Andrew Gillum (D)

check Wants to bring Step Up Scholarship to “conclusion”(*1)
check Opposes Public Charter Schools (*2)
check His Political Committee (PAC) got $850,000 contribution from the group who sued to end the Step Up Scholarship Program and opposes charter schools (*3, 4)

(*sources below)

check Supports Traditional Public Schools (*2)

Andrew Gillum wants to bring Step Up Tax Credit Scholarship "to Conclusion" Listen here:

Tallahassee Press Conference

September 18, 2018
A.P. Reporter, Gary Fineout:
"So I wanted to get your thoughts on the idea that you may wind up growing the private school voucher program by virtue of your tax plan."

Gillum: "Well, I mean, I think what we're going to have to focus on is ensuring that all of those tax revenues go into the public system. Uh, the voucherizing of the education system in the state under Republicans began under Jeb Bush in 1998. We got to begin to bring that to conclusion."

Media Coverage of Andrew Gillum's Position on the Step Up for Students Tax Credit Scholarship

News Jax 4

September 18, 2018
"Gillum vowed to end “the voucherizing of the education system” that began under former Republican Gov. Jeb Bush. “We’ve got to begin to bring that to conclusion,” Gillum said."

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Tallahassee Democrat

Sept. 18, 2018- Andrew Gillum, Ron DeSantis spar over mayor's proposed corporate tax hike to fund schools
"Gillum wants to boost funding by a billion dollars and end the school voucher program - DeSantis wants more choice and pledges to stand with students and parents."

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Palm Beach Post

Sept. 21, 2018- Florida Governor foes DeSantis, Gillum spar in South Florida
"The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program provided $641 million in scholarships to more than 108,000 students during the 2017-18 school year, including $20.7 million to 3,383 students in Palm Beach County. The program is opposed by teachers unions and many Democrats, who say it drains money from public schools. Gillum, asked about “vouchers for school choice” by, told the group he is opposed."

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Andrew Gillum Knocks Charter Schools

Democratic Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Florida

Chris King (D)

Democratic Candidate for Lt. Governor



Andrew Gillum

1. Wants to bring Step Up to Conclusion:

2. Opposes many Charter Schools:

3. PAC ccepted $100,000 from group that sued to end Step up Scholarship program:

4. PAC accepted $850,000 from unions who oppose education choice programs and charter schools:

Sean Shaw

1. Filed a bill to bring Step Up to Conclusion:

2. Consistently voted against pro-charter school legislation view his voting record here:

3. Sean Shaw for Florida Political Committee (PAC) accepted $25,000 from group that sued to end Step Up Tax Credit Scholarship program and opposes charter schools.

Nikki Fried

1. Endorsed by unions